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One Place

Create workspaces for your 3D projects, develop and share your digital mock-up in team. From everywhere.

CAD free

Do not lose time managing files types, Bocket accepts most of them.
Keep focus on your projects.


Access in real time to your product and check what has been done by the team members. In a single click.

Work better, Work faster


Organize and structure your product nomenclature, check components integration online. Whatever your CAD softwares are.


Communicate directly with your teammates through the platform, prepare your design reviews online. No more emails needed.


Store and share your parts or assemblies specifications, make information reachable, finally.

Choose your plan

2 different packs are available.
Please contact us for the price or furthermore questions.

Starter Kit

Get started and discover new possibilities
Perfect for small teams.

59.95€/ month

Includes unlimited workspaces

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    Manage 3D open formats

    IFC, STP, OBJ, STL and more

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    Tesselation access

    Consult 3D geometries

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    Textual Annotations

    Add and share remarks with team

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    3D Measuring tool

    Manage 3D integration precisely

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    Live chat and groups

    Simplify communication

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    Project news feed

    Keep in touch with all updates


Discover breakthrough features
Perfect for high performance teams.

On demand
Includes all features from Starter Kit

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    Manage 3D CAD formats

    CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and more

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    3D formats exportation tools

    Export 3D geometries in a click

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    Enable branching for co-design

    Allow your team to work live

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    Manage team confidentiality

    Protect your IP easily

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    Auto data synchronisation

    Share your updates instantly

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    One premise deployment

    Plug Bocket into your infrastructure

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